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Tips on How to Handle Fleas on your Pet Dogs As an avid dog owner, you know that when the summer months arrive, it also means the arrival of fleas. Although those creepy little dark brown insects will disappear on their own or die out the moment temperature and humidity decrease, it still does not mean that you no longer have to treat your pet dog because if you ignore them fleas, they could result to secondary skin infections, lots of itching and hair loss, or worse, inflammation. Once you realize your dog has fleas, there are several things you can do in order to give it relief the soonest possible time. Luckily for you, there now exists various treatment solutions with regards to fleas in animals, and in your case, your dog. 1 – Go chemical.
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You should know that fleas have been around for a very long time now and in all those hundreds or even thousands of years, these pests have successfully developed ways to survive in rapidly changing environments. As such, there really is no way you can get rid of them in one instance.
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However, you can still get rid of them fleas in the quickest manner possible by using chemical treatments. Anyhow, we believe that you first should consult a pet doctor or anyone who is an expert in animal treatment and health to figure out or learn more if the chemical treatment you are planning to purchase and use is indeed safe for your dog. 2 – The use of non-chemical flea treatment solution. But if you are not convinced or are afraid of using chemicals to kill fleas, then your best bet would be non-chemical or natural flea removal options. This starts with the use of soap and shampoos that can be bought easily in stores. Don’t forget to ask about a soap and shampoo variety that contains natural ingredients for killing fleas and preventing them from coming back to your dog. In order for dog shampoos to work the way they’re supposed to, you need to lather up your dog with it for about five to ten minutes before rinsing so that it’ll penetrate the layers of the hair and the skin, where the fleas thrive. 3 – Prescription flea medication. But in cases when the problem has become so serious and massive, the best flea medicine for dogs is the one prescribed by a veterinary doctor. There are a handful of very effective medicine brands that work by not just treating the dog of the infestation but also killing all the fleas in the surrounding area. There also are some products out there that work differently because instead of killing the adult fleas, they prevent the eggs from hatching, which means that the reproduction of more fleas is successfully prevented. So there you have it – the three most commonly used treatment options against flea infestation in your dogs. You can use any of them and your choice basically depends on the actual gravity of the situation and your convenience in effectively applying the treatment.