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How to Care for Your Yorkie Puppy

If you are considering to buy a Yorkie puppy or have already brought one, then this article will be a great section that how to care for your little Yorkies.

You have to fulfill all the basic puppy needs with extra care, love, and affection. As a responsible dog owner, you have to remind that the is the entirely new place for a puppy to discover, Learning and experiment.

So, at first you have to gather the proper knowledge, then you will be a great parent of your puppy.

Create a Routine for your Yorkie Puppy


At first, it is better to feed the food for two weeks what your breeder recommends for your puppy. Gradually, if you want to give your puppy high natural grave food then mix new food with old food at a 3 to 1 ratio for five days. After that at a 1 to … Read More