How to Care for Your Yorkie Puppy

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If you are considering to buy a Yorkie puppy or have already brought one, then this article will be a great section that how to care for your little Yorkies.

You have to fulfill all the basic puppy needs with extra care, love, and affection. As a responsible dog owner, you have to remind that the is the entirely new place for a puppy to discover, Learning and experiment.

So, at first you have to gather the proper knowledge, then you will be a great parent of your puppy.

Create a Routine for your Yorkie Puppy


At first, it is better to feed the food for two weeks what your breeder recommends for your puppy. Gradually, if you want to give your puppy high natural grave food then mix new food with old food at a 3 to 1 ratio for five days. After that at a 1 to 1 ratio for next five days. Then at a 1 to 3 ratio next five days. Now you can feed your puppy a brand new dog food. Add some warm water If your puppy has difficulty with new food. If you want to know the best puppy food for your little yorkies –read more.


Take a little nap is vital for a little Yorkie puppy. In this case, size is one of the factors that help you decided how often your puppy requires resting.  A short nap can improve to your puppies’ strength.


It is no matter that whether he stay, you should to bathe him once a week or 2 weeks. All the matter like environment, haircut, type and quality of coat are affected by your puppies’ neatness. During the bath, you can use any good shampoo, and also comb his/her coat when he is still wet. After their combed hair you can use a blow dryer.


To maintain a dirt free coat, the regular brush is recommended. Never brush dry coat hair. So when brushing, spray your brush with some water and conditioner, it will soften his or her skin and keep the hair clean. Don’t wash the underside of male Yorkies body where urine collects. You can wash it a dry cloth and warm water regularly. Occasionally Hair will need trimming on his feet.


All the pet stores are available with the different toothbrush and paste made for dogs. You have to check the Yorkie’s teeth by a vet twice a year. If baby teeth need to be removed, you should wait at least one and half years old. Otherwise, the baby teeth are creating problems. If you have faced any problem by pulling the teeth, then take him to your vets.