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Hair Extension 101: Increase Your Understanding of the Basics and Methods of Hair Extensions

Today, hair extensions are really on demand because this expensive salon product makes the hair fuller, thicker and longer, it adds aesthetic sense and confidence to the person wearing it. Hair extensions are either full head hair extension, half head hair extension or three-quarter head hair extension. Full hair extension is suited for those who want to achieve a longer, fuller and thicker hair, as it combines with the natural hair for a gorgeous looking hair. Half hair extension is for those who prefer to achieve a thicker hair and not much of an additional length. For those who wants just a little bit of the first two categories, three-quarter head hair extension is best suited for them.

There are different methods of attaching hair extensions that include clip in or clip on hair extensions, bonding and sealing hair extensions, fusion extensions, weave and track extensions and hidden crown extensions. The different colors for clip in and clip on hair extensions are blonde clip in, black clip in and brown clip in hair extensions. The average strips of hair for a set of clip-in extension is about eight strips, and it varies in widths and lengths which is usually from two to eight inches. Clip in or clip on can be worn on special occasion and can be worn throughout the day and can be removed before sleeping.

Bonded hair extensions come in soft bond using latex based adhesives which is comfortable and flexible to wear, or hard bond that uses glue used to attach weft hair to a person’s natural hair. For the fusion method of hair extension, a machine similar to a hot glue is used for attaching the hair extensions to the natural hair’s individual strands. Tracking hair extension uses weaving or braiding a hair extension to an individual’s natural hair, that starts from the bottom which is sewn horizontally across the head from one side to another side. Tracking hair extension is the method that can add a quick length, and it is possible to achieve a full head weave. The “hidden crown” hair extension uses Remy hair which is known as the most expensive, easy to manage and highest grade of human hair. It uses an undetectable wire to attach the hair extension which just simply sits on the head.
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For hair extension management, it is important to apply conditioner twice or thrice a week to maintain its shiny, smooth and beautiful look. Do not wash it everyday and avoid using shampoo containing sulfate or silicon because it will break the strands easily and will fall off faster. Hair extensions made of human hair can be tied, permed, dyed and styles whatever you want just like your natural hair. Hair extensions can last up to a year or longer with proper care and management.The Ultimate Guide to Extensions