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Online College and University

It is easier than ever before to earn a degree from an online college or university, but it is very important to find out if the program you choose study is from an accredited online college and university.

What is an Online Degree?

Online college and university degrees are earned through the computer rather from attending classes at an actual traditional university campus. Because of the ease of learning online, many traditional colleges and universities have created online degree programs. There are also many start-up business that say they offer online college degrees, but many of them  may not really be a true accredited online university.


Accreditation means that the programs the university or college offer have high levels of quality. The online college university programs need to be accountable so the public knows they are getting a good education for their money and time. The United States Department of Education sets standards for all schools. It is extremely important to find an accredited online college and university so that the degree you earn is a real degree.

Diploma Mills

One of the important reasons to find an online college and university with accreditation is because diploma mills. Those are online companies that claim to be an online college university, but is really just a for-profit company that says it gives diplomas, but the diplomas they give are meaningless. Diploma mill programs do not follow accredited programs and may not even have real teachers. They will give assignments and have lessons, but they will be nowhere near the quality of an actual accredited online college and university.

Good Things About Online Learning

Online accredited college programs are great ways for people with certain living conditions to get a college degree. Those with physical disabilities who cannot get to a traditional university campus can get a degree from the comfort of their own home. Soldiers and other who are living overseas can get a degree from an accredited online university. Stay-at-home parents and full-time workers can also get an online accredited university degree on their own schedule.

Check with Your Employer

Some employers do not recognize online college and university degrees to be the equivalent of a degree from a traditional campus. Some employers will take online degrees more easily than others. If you plan to use your degree to advance your career, speak with your employer first.

Financial Aid

As of 2006, students attend and online college can apply for federal student, work study programs, grants, and scholarships. This will help education even more people who want to earn an accredited online college and university degree.

Online college and university degrees make getting an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or advanced degree easier because students can attend school on their own schedule. Students need to be sure they are learning from an accredited online college and university so they know their money was wisely invested.