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The Benefits of Nutrition Supplements for your Horses All across the world, businesses sell a variety of horse supplements. Each equine supplement serves a different and important use. With so many options, it can be daunting to choose the equine supplement that is right for your horses needs. Selecting the wrong choice can be problematic, so it is important to educate yourself to the existing supplements. As horses work and get older, a lot of horse’s will struggle with joint pain and degeneration. Joint supplements are an important part of your horse’s supplement regimen. Glucosamine is a specific supplement that horse owners can purchase to assist their horse’s health. Glucosamine in particular is great for connective tissue growth. Typically, especially if your team is getting up in years, you will come very familiar with joint supplements. Other equine supplements can be put into the horse feed to help with nutrient balance. These are called feed balancers. These feed balancing supplements contain vitamins, minerals, and probiotics that horses may need in addition to their regular diet. In cooler temperatures, there are some gaps that need filled in with feed balancing. Digestive support is great for horse teams, and these feed balancers can aid in digestive function and equine performance. Salt deficiency can be a problem in horse teams, and salt supplements can be a welcome addition. Many people know about salt licks for deer and other wild creatures, but they are also a great choice for equine teams. Salt licks placed around your pastures and can remedy any issues you may have.
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Low energy can be a fairly common problem in horse teams. Omega 3 fatty acids can help with exhaustion. Respiratory health and joint health can also be assisted by the addition of this particular supplement.
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Increased or unnecessary excitability can so call for additional dietary supplementation. Commonly, horses that participate in competitive horseback riding events will need a horse calming medication. Other horses become stressed during travel situations and may need relaxation supplements at that time. These relaxation type supplements are usually referred to as horse calmers. Most often, mares are those that need the help of equine supplements. When a mare becomes pregnant she is even more likely to need supplementation. Because a foal is sensitive to medications, you need to be absolutely certain it is safe for a pregnant mare to ingest. There are any supplements especially formatted for pregnant mares. Purchasing equine supplements may seem like a challenging endeavor when you see all that distributors have to offer. After looking into the various options available that work for a variety of needs, you will find that the choice is far less complicated than initially thought. No matter what it is that your specific equine team needs, there is an appropriate supplement.