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How to Find Web Hosting Options Web hosting allows you to publish a website on the internet. It is the work of a hosting company to provide the services and technologies required for viewing of a site on the internet. Sites are hosted and stored in specialized computers known as servers. Today, there are many web hosting choices, inclusive of free web hosting, shared hosting and dedicated servers, among others. They all have the same function of hosting your website and making it accessible and viewable by the internet users. The structure and the benefit that they offer is what makes them different. Free Web Hosting
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Nothing is useful than a free web hosting plan. The free web hosting plan is suitable for people who want a simple website or those who want to create a homepage that they cab share with their family and friends. Free web hosting has been criticized as it lacks customer support, features, and security, it, however, has some functions that can be trusted and relied upon. It is important that you remember that free hosting is mainly designed for people with a personal or simple websites. For any business persons, the most recommendable hosting option is the paid hosting due to security and reliability and also gives you more control.
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Shared Web Hosting Option Shared hosting as the name suggests is the case whereby you share web server space with other users. The cost of the server is shared among these users making it popular among those with personal web owners as well as small businesses. The only drawback in this hosting is that you will be directly affected by the activities of other users. An increased traffic on one user’s site, may, for example, lead to a slow down on your site. The the moment the server slows down, your website slows down as well. Dedicated Hosting As the business expands, there is a need to get more than just the shared server resources and hence the reason to go for the dedicated server. A whole server will, in this case, be dedicated to serving your hosting needs. Succeeding with this hosting is difficult since you have little experience with it hence the need to opt for managed hosting; the web host takes up the task of managing the server for you. This allows you to have ample time conducting other important business aspects. Whenever choosing a hosting company, ensure that you know your needs. Know that the free hosting is mainly for personal use, shared hosting is suitable for small business, and the dedicated hosting for bigger and complex hosting needs. Once you know what you need, then it becomes easier to get the best solution.